Photo: Saying prayer against gentrification during Right to the City discussion at Huerto Roma Verde

Our project understands current discontent with capitalism, scarcity and growing social inequality as a crisis that is doubly an opportunity to move towards shared and collective living, away from individualistic and competitive social systems. The civil mobilizations that followed the devastating 1985 earthquake in Mexico City demonstrate the remarkable self-organizing capacity of this city. Although the contemporary situation is slower in the making, and the population exhausted by an accumulation of adversities, this spirit of building capacity together, of making spaces based on co-operation, teaching each other and trust, prevails in many disparate locations.

The In Solidarity: Living, Making, Together project developed from collaborations with initiatives that have – with passion and urgency – recently made collectivity and solidary economy a precondition for a more resilient society. Building on their desire to expand networks, we have worked with, across and between Huerto Roma Verde community garden, Cooperativa Palo Alto housing collective, residents of America neighborhood in cooperation with Social Hub of CENTRO University in Mexico City, and residents of San Francisquito neighborhood in cooperation with Dérive Lab at BEMA in Querétaro.

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