We created a living room space next to our new friend Barbara’s streetstand which became our point of departure, reference and engagement. We took walks with Carlos, a dedicated neighbor, who introduced us in into the community. This gave us insight into the culture of solidarity amongst different people and businesses. We found our place in the neighborhood routines by simply being present. We would ask people to sit with us, to draw, talk, craft and paint. Most of our visitors were children, others like local vendors and people of Faro (a cultural centre) supported us by sharing materials and knowledge. In collaboration with inhabitants, we created a newsletter to commemorate the learnings and experiences we shared and lived together.


Victor Manual Mota, Butcher

Victor is a butcher, born and raised in the neighborhood. He sells his product at the Mercado América. He loves his profession, choosing a proper piece of steak or roast is an art, to him. He emphasizes how the workers at the market are giving each other a helping hand, when needed: an everyday solidarity of small gestures.

Pere Apolinar, Vendor

Pere sits under a blue tarpaulin by the main street with an eclectic collection: hand-carved wooden spoons, boxes of matches, blocks of cocoa, bags of roasted peanuts, raw garlic bulbs, all laid out neatly. “When you are over fifty and do not have a formal education, it is very hard to find a job.“ So he created this job for himself, to pay for living costs.

Magdalena Hernandez Ortiz, Baker

At her tiny stand, the 61 year old baker offers a variety of sweets, pastries and bread, every day. The Mercado is not only a location for the stand, as Magdalena describes it, “It’s like being with family.” Although she has a demanding schedule, she knows its important to support her family, describing her house and large family as “the fruit of my work.”

Maria, Street Vendor

Maria has been a street vendors on calle Sur 128, selling flowers, vegetables and homemade Salad at the same spot for 45 years. In the city, growing her own vegetables seems impossible, so she buys them at the market. She knows almost everybody around the neighborhood. “You have to know how to live with the people. Sometimes we forget how to treat them right.”

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