In February of 2017, the DFLW class joined the collaborative process of Huerto Roma Verde learning to work with local and organic building materials and participating in the construction of arches with carrizo. This experience gave them an insight into what it means to be part of a wider community focused on environmental sustainability and micro economy, in a metropolis where people are caught in the machinery of a neoliberal society.


Joshua Nichols, Worker

Josh has been working at HRV for 6 months, his first project being the bio digester bathrooms and since, he helps the Huerto with everything he can. Before he came here, he usually had temporary jobs in the USA, to be able to join projects and collectives in Latin America. For the future, Josh hopes for a more community driven Huerto, “I think there should be a more horizontal decision making process.”

Xavier Torrent, Permaculture Expert

Xavi is a psychologist and self-taught permaculture expert. He has been at the Huerto since 3 years, taking care of the bio-intensive garden and teaching volunteers about planting, harvesting and composting. The garden has a variety of people coming to buy the produce, “It’s like going to the market, but you take it directly from the soil, put your fingers in the earth,” he said.

Felipe, Construction Worker

As a construction expert at Huerto Roma Verde, Felipe is responsible for the building of a variety of structures made from organic or recycled materials. Growing up in the rural parts of Puebla, he learned construction from his father. He wishes there were places like the Huerto in the rural areas “to teach people how to use the materials available to them locally.”

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