Concept for Studio KM8

We want to function as a collective, sharing the space and using it for regular cultural activities. We plan to hold regular meetings to discuss the upcoming program, work out a timetable and distribute responsabilities among ourselves.

On a more abstract level we intend to create a space allowing and promoting the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.
In the beginning, the most prominent part of our project will consist of a wide range of different workshops open to the public. Possible fields of the workshops are: experimental design/recycling culture, printing, painting, art handicraft, food making etc.
Artists as well as any other person willing to share a skill with other persons can organize his/her workshop within the frame of our project. We as hosts will manage the timetable and support the organizers of the workshops by advertising the events.

We don’t want to restrict ourselves only to practical workshops. Other types of events for the future that we imagine are: lectures and discussions (about arts and relevant sociocultural topics), screening of movies, gatherings in the neighborhood around desired topics and exhibitions.
One of our aims is to establish innovative ways of organizing events that will broaden the spectrum of social interactions in the area and in the city. With the participation of the local residents we want to create hybrid events, which combine and blend different fields of arts and social pratices. We don’t intend to create a space for gatherings for a cultural elite, an alien element detached from the surrounding neighborhood.

Occasionally, the room will be used as an exhibition space. Regarding that matter, our concept is to get away from the bare „looking at the piece of art“ or „art as an excuse for social gathering“ by experimenting with new ways of communicating contemporary arts to the public and by involving the visitors.
Another key aspect of our project is to establish an exchange program between Belgrade and cities in German speaking countries. We want to invite artists, lecturers and other experts in certain fields from abroad to share their work and vision with the people from Belgrade, an undertaking both sides will profit from. The space can also be used for artists in residence.

Sincerely yours,

Branislav Mihajlović, Emilija Josipović, Iva Milovanović, Jan Kohler, Jovan Ćurčić, Olivera Petrović, Stefan Savić i Vesna Ristić

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