Göteborg – The Common Roof Project


  • The opening week June 10-16 (Opening is on June 15):
    • Makers Fair: one day event in the open space; with a lawyer and a writer as moderators. RS will organize open call for participants. House inventions and DIY activism. Home inventions will be incorporated in the Goteborg Cooperative House.
    • Goteborg Cooperative House in the Cathedral exhibition space. Two workshops with residents, one planning of the house, one another one about the space around the house. Byggemenskap joins in. Construction begins this week. Construction will continue till August 18 (most probably Thursday–Sunday).
    • Construction of wooden platform with a wind turbine in the open space. Harvested enery is stored in batteries on site. People can plug-in their gadgets.
  • June 15 – August 18:
    • 5 workshops on Housing Rights (including Byggemenskap), and construction of the house continues.
  • August 18:


  • Cathedral exhibition space: Goteborg Cooperative House. Workshops Housing Rights.
  • 3 small exhibition spaces:
    • One space for permament workshop – wearable Houses, posters, banners, etc – for the Parade.
    • One space for Sound Project, Digital Storytelling.
    • One Space: Selection of ‘inspirational’ videos, DIY. A few videos by Digital Storytelling. I suggested 2 DIY Tromsoe videos by our class.
  • Open Space: Makers Fair. Wooden platform.

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